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Priya Arora

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Jal Mahal
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Rama: A Man for All Ages is a retelling of Valmiki’s Ramayana. This magnificent epic chronicles the story of Rama. Although he lived thousands of years ago, Rama is revered by billions even today for his exceptional character. Milestones of his life, like his birthday and his return home after a fourteen-year exile, are enthusiastically celebrated every year despite the long passage of time.

These are the sixteen attributes which Rama epitomized:

Gunavan: A principled man imbued with all good qualities.

Viryavan: Valorous

Dharmajnya: An upholder of righteous action.

Kritajanya: Always grateful for even the smallest favor.

Satyavakya: Truthful

Dhridavrata: Resolute

Charitrena Cha Yukta: A person of outstanding character.

Sarva Bhutesu Hita: One who thought of everyone’s welfare.

Vidhvan: Learned and scholarly.

Samartha: Capable

Eka Priyadarshana: Singularly good-looking.

Atmavan: Established in the inner self and hence self-controlled.

Jita Krodha: Not easily angered.

Dyutiman: One who radiates brilliance.

Anasuyaka: Never jealous or fault-finding.

Bhibyatideva: Feared in war even by the mighty Devas.

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There are many versions of this Epic but I haven’t found one that explains and engrosses like this one. The story is ancient and has many life lessons to learn from all the characters and events. The author has taken time to explain in lay man’s terms Veda philosophy that is so prudent in today's world.
A must read for Yoga lovers or anyone wanting a in-depth knowledge of Hinduism. Loved it!

Praise & Reviews

The author has diligently and masterfully 'connected the dots' across myriad of events and characters in this epic story to help distill the true meaning and relevance in today's world. Her superb knowledge of various ancient scriptures and Vedas complements the Ramayana storyline with much needed context and 'so what' that truly make this book distinctive.

Ramayana is a treasure trove of details and nuances about Vedic life and the Ramayana period. Arora's research is impeccable, and she presents the information in a way that is easy to understand and digest. I learned so much about this fascinating time in history, and I feel like I have a much deeper understanding of the Vedic way of life. Despite the depth of the material, the book is a joy to read and never feels overwhelming. I highly recommend this book!!

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Ayam nijah paro veti ganana laghucetasam

Udaracaritanam vasudhaiva kutumbakam

Hitopadesha 1.3.71


Those who think these are my people,  while those are others, are narrow-minded.

To the broad-minded, the whole world is their family.

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