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Unraveling the Threads of the Ramayana: A Personal Reflection

As relevant today as the day it was composed.

The Ramayana is a dramatization of Vedic philosophy. Through a brilliant composition that has stood the test of time, complex teachings of the Vedas become easily understood.

Valmiki used Rama's exemplary conduct as a role model for future generations. The aim was to encourage people to emulate Rama, to become a principled person like him. Although Rama was endowed with many virtues rarely found in one person, any attempt we make to follow in his footsteps yields positive results. These are some of Rama's strengths: valor, righteousness, gratitude, truthfulness, steadfastness, blemishless behavior, concern for the welfare of everyone, knowledge, capability, spirituality, not easily angered, radiance, not prone to jealousy, and never taken lightly by adversaries.

I have learned so much from Rama. His life was one suffering after another, yet he handled every hardship with grace and fortitude. Adversity knocks at everyone's door, but it takes great courage to face it without crumbling.

That is the lesson Rama teaches us.

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